This book will turn out to be one of those masterpieces that you simply will refuse to sell/take off your at-reach bookshelf.
I have got 30 years of trading, and read hundreds of trading books under my belt, and this one will be a keeper. Remember Van Tharp’s masterpiece Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom? How about Insider Buy Superstocks?

Jamil – Thank you for slowing it way down and explaining how to trade Penny Stocks. Your concepts will help me with those types of trades, day trading other stocks and swing trading. You slowed it down enough, and, I can tell, you put your whole mind, heart and soul into this work…it really shows!

The tiny section on pyramiding (scaling in) was worth the price of admission. Finally, a clear, simple mathematical
system to add to a position.
If I were to ask you to please fix two areas in your second edition: Have an index, you have it for the figures, but not for key words…and, please make your charts much bigger, darker, and, therefore, easier to read. I would say that the large hard cover format that Insider Buy Superstocks has done would be PERFECT for your second revision. In the end, I’d use that larger hard back book format, get the index in there, make the charts full page and in color-gloss…Then this would be really cooking!